What is RefEarn?

RefEarn, is a marketing technology company that provides online transparency and ads ecosystem control to individuals and businesses.
For individuals, RefEarn easy-to-use browser add-on replaces ads with its more privacy-friendly & relevant ads when you visit any website and give percent of revenue to users for viewing ads. A browser add-on, also known as a browser extension, is an app that you can add to your Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop.

For Businesses, Intent Email Marketing platform providing high impact, targeted database and easy to execute email messaging.

What are these replacement ads?

The replacement ads from RefEarn come from their own ad network, and are said to be fast-loading, without any bloat, and free of malware and tracking software. Plus, they only begin loading after a website’s content has. You receive online display advertising that is relevant to you and your interests. For example, if you’re interested in gardening and visit gardening websites, you may – in the same or a later online session – receive advertising for special offers on lawnmowers.

How my profile information is collected and utilized?

For many, the term "online advertising" conjures up images of Web pages cluttered with irrelevant ads and annoying offers. RefEarn Advertising delivers ads that are likely to offer greater relevance to your interests based on browser-side intent signals phrased in a standard vocabulary, and with NO highly re-identifiable cookie.

Who can see my profile information?

Because the RefeEarn Advertising servers only process the data in an automated, non-personal manner, no other "live" person ever sees your profile information but you.

Can I add or delete specific interest segments?

The ability to add or remove specific interest segments from your profile will be available in a future RefEarn release.

How will I earn and how will I get it?

You don’t need any extra skill, surf online as you normally do with RefEarn extension logging in. You are being paid for viewing ads placed in web pages on your devices. Amount will be transferred to your wallet once it’s reached INR 300 or above.

How do I opt out of the ads replacement and earning?

You just need to log out from RefEarn plugin.

Which all browser RefEarn support?

Right now, RefEarn extension is only available for chrome.

It seems like on some sites I see ads and on others I don't. Why is that?

You are right. In order to ensure smooth browsing experience we do limit ads to specific sites. If you encounter a site you like, please share it with us so we can add them to our list.

How do I know if the ads I see are from RefEarn?

All ads served through RefEarn will have a small "RefEarn" logo label on the Top-right corner. You can click on it for more options.

How do I stop using RefEarn \ uninstall it \ remove it from my Browser?

You can logout from RefEarn extension any time, but this will stop your earnings too. For complete removal, as like any other extension, you can remove it by choosing Setting -> Extension from the chrome menu, there you can select to disable or remove completely.
You can also remove it by right-clicking the extension icon and choosing "Remove from Chrome"

Is there a mobile app?

Not at this time. We are planning to release one in the future.

About Refearn

RefEarn is a technology company that empowers people and businesses to create safer, faster, and more trusted digital experiences.

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