WAA - Web Analytics & Attribution

How do you know whether your digital marketing efforts are successful?

  • WAA ranks your data insights, giving you a prioritised To-Do-List to work from. So you know what you need to focus on to achieve the biggest change in your campaign.
  • WAA report doesn’t just find the valuable data segments, it forecasts by how much they could improve your marketing Campaign. Setting you useful targets to aim for.
  • Because you don’t have the time for complicated dashboards or hundreds of reports. WAA does all work for you, Arrange all your insights from different platforms in a clear and actionable form.

For Advertisers

WAA Analyze your campign key metrics, this monitoring can help you assess the most effective parts of your campaign, to make better decisions for next time

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For Agency

WAA Data Report closely monitor the success of all client campaigns by creating impactful reports, and give insights to optimize marketing performance against

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For Marketers

Get all the metrics and dimensions you need from your campaign marketing platforms at one place, that help you determine if you are getting a positive ROI from your ad campaigns or need optimizations

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Measure, Analyse, Optimize

  • Comprehensive overview

    Collect and harmonize data from diferent platform marketing data sources and create a single source of truth of campaign performance

  • Save time and resources

    Eliminate time lost on manually creating client reports and start to really utilize available data, through data report and impactful visualizations.

  • Benefit from new insights

    Let WAA analyze all available data and make recommendations on how to best allocate client budgets and deliver a higher ROI.

  • Data analytics and reporting

    Intelligent analytics platform for marketing data integration, reporting and forecasting, ideal for advertising, media and digital agencies of all sizes.

Data Integration from Different Platforms

Understand how your traffic and key engagement metrics stack up against the market at a glance and check all platform & distribution

How It Works


Register with your basic details.

Upload Campaign Data & Pay

Share Campaign Plan & platforms data through platform access rights or through uploading data on Google Drive and share rights.

WAA Report

A detailed campaign analysis report will be ready and shared withing 24-48 hrs.

WAA for Bussiness

INR 20,000 per Campaign/Report

Taxes extra as applicable

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WAA Data Report Include

  • Overall campaign performance summary
  • Platform wise performace, as per of industry benchmark
  • Analytics traffic insights and users details
  • Recommendation for further campaigns

Frequenlty Asked questions

What is WAA Report?

WAA(Web Analytics & Attribution) report, get analysis and greater insights into your online marketing campaign performance by taking a closer look of all essential marketing metrics and there industry benchmarks.

How can I submit campaign data?

First you need to register with some basic and campaign planning details, then have to upload platform wise data OR can share view only access for media platforms(Like Facebook dashboard, Google Ads, Linkedin dashboard etc.) at data@waadata.com.

Which media platform does it support?

All Key media platforms across search, social media, display RTB, Mobile, video and other media and analytics channels including Google Analytics.

When will I get WAA report after data submission?

Once you will submit the data, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email id. Post confirmation mail, it will take 24 hrs to 48 hrs for WAA report Automation.

I’m looking for something specific?

Brief us to find out about your requirements at Team@waadata.com.


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Share Campaign media platforms view only access rights at Waadata.team@gmail.com

Upload each platform campaign data on google drive and share rights at Waadata.team@gmail.com

Send all data through file to Waadata.team@gmail.com

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